Recording studio for extreme music.






Back in the studio now again.

Just got home from the U.S. I have been there with Wolfbrigade. 1 gig in New York and also played at Maryland Deathfest.

Got a busy june lined up. New bands to record and old ones are coming back also going to play Hellfest with Wolfbrigade.  Cant wait.




Just been spending all weekend mixing and mastering the new Utanförskapet record. 13 killer tracks. Sound absolutely great. Had black metal band Skoll over the other weekend to nail 5 tracks for an ep.

Gonna also finish of some backlog of work and after that I’m gonna have a short break to focus on gigs with Wolfbrigade. First of is Slovenia and Italy to be followd by New York and Maryland Death fest. Cant wait.


New video with Massgrav. Recorded, mixed and mastered here.

Massgrav – Ett eget folkslag:


Have been working with Diagnosis Bastard, Massgrav, Kravatten, Obscyria and Insect the last weeks.

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Cheers /Jocke.

Sakke from Insect.


Skulls finally released. Recorded in the Wolfden over a year ago. Check it out.

New bands.

Utplånad been back in the studio. This time to put down 5 tracks for an upcoming ep.

Love Stains just been here to record their debut.

I will continue next with Murdering Murders, Kod rikslarm and finally do the last work on the Swarm recording.

More bands on the way…….

Joel Hjärtattack och kniven

Something I recorded a few months ago.

New bands in the studio

Been having Murdering murders(death metal) and kod rikslarm ( Dbeat) over reacently.

Also been upgrading the studio with some new gear.


Tomma ord

Something done recently in the studio.