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Temples festival

Havent got much time recently to do studio work. I am off this weekend to play the Temples festival in the UK.

It’s gonna be the first Wolfbrigade gig in 2 years.

I also had a really hectic busy life right now. Everything is happening at the same time.

Will be back in the studio in a bit to finish of a few projects and to start a few new. I look forward to that.

Cheers Jocke.


Hm2 + Peavey bandit = love.

This weekend I have been tracking guitars for a fulllength.
Finally the old Peavey have been used again. Sounds like a killer.


Today I am gonna continue with the Obcyria ( Stockholm thrash metal) recording.
Adding a few more guitar tracks and also doing the mix and mastering.

But first a coup of coffee!


News and updates

I haven been on here for a long time. I have been bussy working in the studio.Its been a long process setting everything up and I have been working with recording and mixing bands in between.


I am gonna from now update the page post news and sound clips of recordings I have done.

Cheers Jocke.